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1.            1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Pipes and Drums

2.            2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Pipes & Drums

3.            4 Wing Pipes & Drums

4.            8 Wing Canadian Forces Base Trenton Pipe Band

5.            9 RCACC Pipe Band

6.            12 Wing Pipe Band

7.            14 Wing Volunteer Pipe Band - bad link, Oct, 2004-Feb. 2005

8.            26th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Aritllery Pipes and Drums

9.            33rd Halifax Pipes and Drums

10.        48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes & Drums

11.        49th Battalion Pipes and Drums

12.        78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band

13.        78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band of Ottawa

14.        78th Fraser Highlanders, Fort St. Andrew's

15.        78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel) Pipes & Drums

16.        96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums

17.        306 (Maple Leaf) Wing Pipes & Drums

18.        400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron Pipes & Drums

19.        402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron Pipes and Drums

20.        443 Squadron Pipes and Drums 

21.        570 Halifax Pipes and Drums

22.        2408 Base Borden Cadet Pipe Band

23.        Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band

24.        ANAVETS 283 Pipe Band

25.        Antigonish Highland Society Pipe Band

26.        Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums

27.        Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada Unit 283 Pipe Band

28.        Association of 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) Pipes & Drums

29.        Barrie Pipes and Drums

30.        Belfast Pipe & Drum Band

31.        Ben Nevis Pipe Band

32.        Black Tusk Caledonia Pipes and Drums

33.        Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada Pipes & Drums, The

34.        Black Water Pipe Band

35.        Bowmanville Highland Pipe Band

36.        Braemar Pipeband

37.        Branch 23 Royal Canadian Legion Pipes & Drums of North Bay

38.        Branch 28 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band

39.        Branch 58 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band

40.        Branch 66 Royal Canadian Legion Pipes & Drums

41.        Branch 163 Royal Canadian Legion Pipe Band

42.        Brantford Pipes & Drums

43.        Brighton Legion Highlanders

44.        British Columbia Regiment Irish Pipes and Drums, The

45.        Brockville Pipes & Drums (RCL Branch 96)

46.        Burlington Firefighters Pipes and Drums

47.        Caledonia & District Pipes and Drums

48.        Calgary Fire Department Pipes & Drums

49.        Calgary Highlanders Pipe Band

50.        Calgary International Airport Band

51.        Calgary Police Service Pipe Band

52.        Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Regimental Pipes and Drums

53.        Campbell River Pipe Band (RCL Branch 137)

54.        Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) Pipes and Drum, The

55.        Capercaillie Pipe Band (RCL Branch 102)  

56.        Castle Cary Pipes and Drums

57.        Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band

58.        Celtic Blue Highlanders

59.        Celtic Flair

60.        Central Valley Community Pipe Band

61.        Chilliwack & District Pipe Band

62.        Church Street Pipe Band

63.        City of New Westminster Police Pipe Band

64.        City of Penticton Pipe Band

65.        City of Regina Pipe Band

66.        City of St. John’s Pipe Band

67.        City of Sault Ste. Marie Youth Pipe Band

68.        City of Thorold Pipe Band

69.        Clan McBain Pipe Band

70.        Clan MacNaughton Pipe Band

71.        Clansman Pipe Band

72.        Cochrane Men of Vision Pipes & Drums

73.        Codiac Regional RCMP, Pipes & Drums

74.        College of Piping Pipe Band

75.        Comox Valley Pipe Band

76.        Cornemuse Québec

77.        Courtenay Legion Pipe Band

78.        Cowichan Pipes and Drums

79.        Crusader Pipes and Drums

80.        Delta Police Pipe Band

81.        Dartmouth and District Pipe Band

82.        Dofasco Pipe Band

83.        Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band

84.        Dundas Pipes and Drums

85.        Dunvegan Girls Pipe and Drum Band

86.        Durham College Pipe Band

87.        Durham Regional Police Pipes and Drums

88.        Edmonton Youth Pipe Band

89.        Edmonton Girls Pipe Band

90.        Edmonton & District Pipe Band

91.        Elgin & District Pipe Band

92.        Erin Street Pipe Band, The

93.        Fergus Pipe Band

94.        Fraser Pipe Band

95.        Fraser Valley Youth Pipe Band

96.        Fredericton & District Pipes & Drums

97.        Fredericton Firefighters Pipes & Drums

98.        Fredericton Society of St. Andrew Pipe Band

99.        Frost Pipe Band, The

100.    Gaelic College Pipe Band

101.    Georgetown Pipe Band

102.    Georgian Bay Caledonia Pipe Band

103.    Glengarry Pipe Band

104.    Gordon Pipeband

105.    Grand Celtic Pipe Band

106.    Grand Prairie Pipes and Drums

107.    Greater Sudbury Police Pipe Band, The

108.    Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band, The

109.    Grimsby Pipe Band

110.    Guelph Pipe Band

111.    Haliburton Highlanders Pipes & Drums

112.    Halton Regional Police Pipes & Drums

113.    Hamilton Police Pipe Band

114.    Harrison Highlanders, The

115.    Hastings and Prince Edward Regimental Pipe Band

116.    Heatherbell's Girls Pipe Band

117.    Highland Celts of Canada

118.    Highland Mist Pipe Band

119.    Ingersoll Pipe Band

120.    Innisfil Pipes and Drums (RCL Branch 547)

121.    J.P. Fell Pipe Band

122.    Jervis Bay (Memorial) Pipe Band

123.    Kalamalka Highlanders Pipe Band

124.    Kelowna Pipe Band

125.    Kempenfelt Pipes and Drums

126.    Kemptville Legion Pipe Band

127.    Kimberley Pipe Band

128.    Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band

129.    Khartum Shriners Pipes & Drums

130.    Kootenay Kiltie Pipe Band

131.    Laurentian University Pipe Band

132.    Lethbridge Legion Pipe Band

133.    London Firefighters Pipe Band

134.    London Police P&D

135.    Lord Selkirk Boys Pipe Band

136.    Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Pipe Band

137.    MacEoin-Ramsay Pipe Band

138.    Macgillivray Pipe Band

139.    MacNaughton Highlanders Pipe Band

140.    McMurray Legion Pipes and Drums

141.    Midland Pipes and Drums (RCL Branch 80)

142.    Midnight Sun Pipe Band

143.    Milligan Memorial Pipe Band (RCL Branch 1)

144.    Milton & District Pipes & Drums

145.    Mississauga Fire Pipes & Drums

146.    Montreal Pipes and Drums

147.    Moose Jaw White Hackle Pipe Band

148.    Mt. Arrowsmith Pipe Band

149.    Niagara Regional Police Services Pipes and Drums

150.    North Okanagan Pipes & Drums

151.    North Saskatchewan Regimental Pipes & Drums

152.    North West Territorial Pipe Band

153.    Northern Skye Pipe Band

154.    Nova Scotia Highlanders Pipe Band

155.    Ogden Legion Pipe Band

156.    Old Scotia Pipes & Drums

157.    Ontario Fire Service Memorial Pipes and Drums

158.    Ontario Massed Legion Pipes and Drums, The

159.    Ontario Royal Canadian Legion Pipes Drums & Colours - bad link, Oct, 2004-Feb, 2005

160.    Oshawa Legion Branch 43 Pipe Band

161.    Ottawa Police Services Pipe Band

162.    Owen Sound & District Pipe Band

163.    Paris-Port Dover Pipe Band

164.    Peel Regional Police Pipe Band, The

165.    Penetangore

166.    Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment

167.    Pipes and Drums of Clan Farquharson

168.    Pipes and Drums of the Edmonton Police Service, The

169.    Pipes and Drums of Edmonton Transit

170.    Pipes and Drums of Lindsay

171.    Pipes and Drums of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, The

172.    Pipes and Drums of Thunder Bay, The

173.    The Port Coquitlam Legion Pipe Band

174.    Port Hope & District Pipe Band

175.    Prince Albert Highlanders Pipes & Drums

176.    Prince George Pipe Band

177.    Princess of Wales Own Regiment Pipe Band

178.    Quebec RCMP Pipes & Drums Band

179.    Queen's University Pipe Band

180.    Quesnel Pipes & Drums

181.    Rameses Pipe Band

182.    RCMP 'H' Division Pipes & Drums

183.    RCMP Pipes and Drums of Strathcona County

184.    RCMP Pipes & Drums of the National Capital Region

185.    RCMP Regimental Pipes and Drums (K Division - Alberta)

186.    Red Deer Legion #35 Pipe Band

187.    Regimental Pipes and Drums of The Lorne Scots

188.    Regina Police Service Pipes and Drums

189.    Revelstoke Highlanders

190.    Richmond Hill Centennial Pipe Band

191.    Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band

192.    Rob Roy Pipe Band

193.    Rockwood ANAF Unit 303 Pipe Band

194.    Rocky Mountain Pipe Band

195.    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 Pipes and Drums

196.    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 58 Pipe Band

197.    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 66 Pipes and Drums

198.    Royal Military College Band

199.    Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo/Black Watch Association (Atlantic) Pipes & Drums, The

200.    Royal Scots O'Mocha Pipes & Drums

201.    St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps Pipes and Drums

202.    St. Andrews Mississauga Pipe Band

203.    St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band

204.    St. James Gate Pipe Band

205.    Sandhill Pipes and Drums

206.    Sarnia-Lambton Pipe Band

207.    Saskatoon Police Pipes and Drums

208.    Scarborough Pipe Band

209.    Scarborough Red Hackle Pipes & Drums Band - band has folded

210.    Scottish Lion 78th Frasers

211.    Scottish Society Of Windsor Pipe Band

212.    Shuswap Pipes & Drums

213.    Simon Fraser University Pipe Band

214.    Simonds Lions Caledonian Pipe Band

215.    Sons of Scotland Pipes and Drums

216.    Sooke Pipes and Drums

217.    South Alberta Pipes & Drums

218.    South Glengarry Pipes & Drums

219.    Strathroy Legion Pipe Band

220.    Streetsville Pipes and Drums

221.    Sudbury and District Pipes and Drums

222.    Teeswater Highlanders Pipes & Drums

223.    Terrace Pipes and Drums

224.    Thunder Bay Police Pipes and Drums

225.    Timmins Police Pipe Band, The

226.    Toronto Black Watch Association

227.    Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums

228.    Toronto Police Pipe Band, The

229.    Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums, The

230.    Town of Mississippi Mills Pipe Band

231.    Trail Pipe Band

232.    Transcona & District Pipe Band

233.    Triumph Street Pipe Band

234.    University of Calgary Pipe Band

235.    Vancouver Police Pipe Band

236.    Victoria Park Pipe Band

237.    Wa Wa Pipes & Drums

238.    White Heather Pipes & Drums

239.    White Spot Pipe Band

240.    Windsor Police Pipe Band

241.    Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

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